For most people reaching out to a therapist is one of the scariest but bravest thing they'll ever do. In my experience though, it is one of the best decisions you will make for yourself in your life. Setting the appointment and entering the door can be really daunting. Know that this is a space filled with possibility to reflect, regain strength, revisit choices, and explore where to next, in order to live a better life. I invite you to find your best hope for us working together. You don't have to be alone with whatever you're facing.


Sessions are usually 50-55 minutes unless we have arranged otherwise. Under most circumstances, I meet with people weekly. During each session, we reflect on lessons learnt and insight gained.  Sessions are meant to be easy and the easier they are, the more effective. We will balance talking with pausing for moments, to fully connect with the experience as it shows up in a variety of ways, and to allow space and time for processing.


Online counseling sessions are now a much more familiar platform, and is therefore a convenient back up for clients who have difficulty making it to in-person sessions, are out of town, or unavailable to come to the office. More so, I am available for clients who want to work with me and are not local.


All the information that shared between you and me are treated as confidential and may not be disclosed without the written consent of the client. This however can be breached in exceptional circumstances, which I will explain during the first session.

COST of THERAPY (Private clients)

Individual therapy/ Online/ Consultation: $175 (GST incl.) for a 50min session


There is parking in the street, but also in front of the double garages (at the back of house).

We are based on the first floor, which imply that there is a staircase. Let me know if this might be an issue.

If you park in the street, you can either go in front of the house towards the right (walk on the deck on the outside); or go around the house towards the back. 

For parking at the back: Turn into Rire Hau Lane and go around the corner to your right. Park towards the left in front of the double garage. 

Then the entrance is just to the left.