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Lubbe, PhD


Meet Carien...

(pronounced Kah-reen)

Our inner world of emotions and sensations intrigues me, and this is where and how I help people: to live in a more regulated way.

Self-talk and feelings influence our daily lives. When we feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried, or angry all the time, this impacts negatively on our emotional health and mental wellness.


You do not have to go through this on your own. Seeking help and support is a great step to restoring your resilience.

I am excited by the possibility that therapy can foster hope, promote inner healing and enable a sense of enhanced well-being. It is a huge privilege to see people grow and change by actively working towards better outcomes in their lives. I aim to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing space where individuals can heal, connect with their inner selves and ultimately live more optimal and meaningful lives.

​I hold a PhD in Psychology and was a professor at the University of Pretoria before moving to New Zealand. I am a registered Psychologist with the NZ Board for Psychology, and have been practising since 2000.


Areas of Expertise

Emotional support whether you're in a big or small body


Restoring resilience

In our sessions together the focus is on how the nervous system got stuck in a pattern related to the trauma...

Individual Therapy

Do you feel angry, anxious, depressed, stressed or lost...?

 kids & PaRENT/ Family SUPPORT

Kids "talk to us" through their behaviour and emotions: anger or sadness are usually the ones to show up first...


Reconnect and attune to those you love...even in the most painful and darkest moments...

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Mobile: +64 22 1602 404​

Payment: Electronic transfer, EFTPos facility available


(ACC Sensitive Claims registered, WINZ when applicable​​)

Office Location:

200 Lakes Boulevard

(shared premises with Taking Care of Business)

Pyes Pa



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24/7 Tauranga crisis hotline 0800 800 508

For emergencies please contact the Mental Health Crisis hotline on free call or text 1737

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200 Lakes Boulevard

(shared premises with Taking Care of Business)

Pyes Pa



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