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A safe, supportive and nurturing space where individuals can heal, connect with their inner selves and ultimately live more optimal and meaningful lives.

Carien Lubbe Psychologist

I specialise in sandplay therapy and principles of somatic experiencing, but incorporate various modalities as it suits the client and context (e.g. person centered, gestalt, transactional analysis, REBT, solution-focused approaches, mindfulness, and with younger children especially child centered play therapy and theraplay). 


I have been working with children for 18 years and can support parents / caregivers with developmental concerns regarding their child, be it 

- emotional

- learning

- behavioural


 Trauma Support 

I am currently pursuing the work of Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing which is a  body-oriented approach to the  healing of trauma and other stress disorders. This approach works to restore the body's innate ability to manage and cope. 

In somatic psychology the client is encourged to experience the body as a resource. We work together to stay "in the moment", to sense the body's various sensations, tensions, and through finding relaxation, using breathing, or a movement, we allow inner wisdom to come to the surface.

  • Carien Lubbe Psychologist
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